I’m Mike Snowdon.  I’m currently studying at Moore Theological College in Sydney.  I worked as a video editor for a couple of years, and now try to keep it up as a hobby.  So I’m no expert in video, but I have learned a few things along the years.  I’m really passionate about using video to proclaim Jesus in this world, and I think that’s going to happen by continuing to sharpen the basis for the content of videos, the production quality, and the character demonstrated in the production (godliness).  I’m also fully convinced that this is best going to happen in community.

So, I’d love you to dream with me.  Whether you’re new to video making or working professionally with it, I hope you’ll both learn from this site and help me learn.  I hope you’ll get ideas and give me ideas.  I hope you’ll be more excited about serving Jesus and others with video and get me excited.  So please comment, critique, question, encourage, link, brainstorm – in doing so, I’m praying we’ll all seek God’s glory, and call on our world to turn to our Saviour.