How to edit YouTube videos

Popular video hosting YouTube provides services for storing and displaying videos to all Internet users. You can upload professional films and clips to the site, as well as amateur videos and video blogs.

Unfortunately, video hosting does not provide an opportunity to download videos. What if you really liked somrthing, how to download videos from youtube? There are special programs for this purpose – video and audio converters. You can use free software, for non-commercial use of the functionality of the free software will be enough.

The built-in service “Creative Studio” on the YouTube portal enables preprocessing of uploaded data to improve the characteristics of audio and video information.

Online editor YouTube Video Editor allows you to edit audio and video directly on the site from the installed browser, without additional processing on the computer. For convenience, YouTube has reference data and a forum where it discusses in detail and explains how to upload videos for publication, how to improve the quality of footage and how to edit videos on YouTube.

How to edit YouTube videos

 In order to upload and start editing YouTube videos, you need to follow these steps:

  • Log in to your YouTube account;
  • At the top of the window, click “Add video”;

Select a file on your computer to download or drag and drop it into a special window. There will be an automatic transition to a page with detailed information about the uploaded content – This is the first option for accessing the pages of the “Creative Studio” of the portal for initial and simplified processing of video material.

In the second option, you can use the Video Editor »» Edit button (in the lower right corner of the window), where you immediately go to the online editor service with advanced settings YouTube Video Editor (

When choosing the first option, being on the publication page, the following is possible:

  • Improve the quality of videos in automatic mode;
  • Select an interesting frame as the main video icon;
  • Give a unique title to the video;
  • Insert a short description of your material;
  • Assign a category;

Fill in the window of special keys (tags), according to which the processing service automatically assigns the topic of the loaded content.

After filling in all the fields describing the uploaded content and automatically improving the quality of audio and video, you can immediately publish your video on the site.

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YouTube Creative Studio

When you select “Video Manager” on the download page (, you switch to the Creative Studio service ( The studio includes a control panel for its data on the site and provides the user with access to connections, broadcasts, channels, communities and getting analytical data.

To go to the page for editing material from the “Creative Studio” (“video manager”), you must select the “Edit” button located near the video. Getting to the page, the user can improve the quality of audio and video recordings manually, write annotations, tips and subtitles.

In the “Enhance Video” tab, when you go to the page, and then in the “Quick Fix” menu, the following set of functions and settings is available:

  • Auto-correction;
  • Stabilization;
  • Fill light;
  • Contrast;
  • Saturation;
  • Colour temperature;
  • Deceleration and acceleration;
  • Pruning;
  • Rotate 90 degrees to the right or left.

The Filters menu contains 26 filters that simulate the effects of antiquity, pixelation, etc., by overlaying the video. Blur All Faces will hide any face in the recording. “Preview” allows you to see the results of manual adjustments and changes in a split-screen video view, when compared to “Original”. To fix the changes made, you must click “Apply”.

In the “Creative Studio” service, through the “Create” menu, you can go to the “Video Editor”. Or, at (“Enhance Videos” and “Quick Fix”), select the “Open YouTube Video Editor” button in the lower right corner. In any of these cases, there is an automatic transition to the editor page with advanced functionality, where the convenient online video hosting editor is located.

How to Edit YouTube Videos with Video Editor

Videos are loaded into the online editing program automatically. For a quick preview, you can click on the “camera” button. While on the main page of the editor, the user is provided with the following options:

  • See a list of all videos on your channel;
  • Find the required entry through the “Search”;
  • View a list of videos licensed by CreativeCommons (you can then use them in your editing);
  • Upload a photo for further embedding into the video track;
  • Check out the list of non-copyrighted music;
  • Carry out video transitions;
  • Create text with a choice of five overlay effects.

When you select a specific video, you must drag it with the mouse to the timeline at the bottom of the page.

To add another recording to the track, you need to click on the empty dotted area on the scale, and move the new video there.

Perform the same actions with audio data by dragging and dropping them onto the audio track timeline located below.

The Quick Fix tab contains the following tools:

  • Shift and scale;
  • Image stabilization;
  • Auto-correction;
  • Brightness, contrast;
  • Slowdown;
  • Rotation 90 degrees;

Preview changes. The Filters tool lets you add special effects to your video.

In the “Text” tab, the user is offered to embed text data (for example, banners) on the selected fragments.

The “Audio” tool allows you to adjust the volume, high and low frequencies, and panning (the difference in the volume of the two channels of stereo sound).

You can trim, lengthen, or arrange the clips in a different order. To do this, in the storyboard area, you need to move the start and end strips, make a “scissor” cut or manually adjust the duration.

When you’re finished editing, preview the application of effects and settings in the preview window next to the original and Publish.

Editing videos using software on YouTube video hosting is very interesting, fun and quite simple. Knowing how to edit videos on YouTube, you can create masterpieces of editing, feeling like a cameraman and director of your own film.