What Info?

The thing about video (and most media) is that it is often made to be seen by others – it’s public, especially with things like youtube or if you’re making a video for church.  Because of this, there’s some really important stuff to be aware of when you’re making a video.  Most of it is to do with law, and so how to make sure you’re being legal in the way you make your film.  If you’re a Christian, then I really hope this is something you want to do.  And the crazy thing is that the standard is already set by the media.  They’re actually really good at being legal (mainly because they could lose a lot of money if they don’t and get a bad reputation).

A big area is to do with ‘classification‘.  We see this at the movies all the time.  Ratings are put in place so to help make sure that material is appropriate to the audience viewing it.  And so, when we’re thinking about video, we will want to be creating things that are appropriate for the audience it is to be delivered to.  Usually, Christians are pretty good at keeping to these guidelines because it agrees with their ethic.

The other big thing is to do with ‘copyright‘, which we don’t hear so much about.  Either we don’t think it matters when we’re just making a video for church, or we don’t think/know about it at all.  But there are some really important things to know if you are going to be above reproach in your video making.  These posts will help you to be aware of them.