What is ‘The Illustration Project’?

I’ve always found that illustrations in Bible talks helpful when done well – they capture me when the preacher shares more about they’re life; they get me to relate to the material in a different way; and they ideally provoke me to deeper meditation on what God is actually saying.  But they can also be unhelpful – they can distract from the point; they can sometime emotionally manipulate; they can even just be boring.  Video has opened up lots of new possibilities for illustrating.  People love that it’s a different type of media, and so it often has an instant appeal.  Though it’s also really hard to find appropriate videos for what you’re speaking on at the time (if you’re a preacher), and especially if you want to be faithful in use (within copyright regulations).  Also, so many videos just aren’t exactly right as they haven’t been made with your exact point in mind.

In my last number of videos, I’ve been trying to illustrate the main points of particular passages, with the idea that I could then use them for a talk on that passage if it ever came up.  I’ve also tried to make some more general videos that might provoke thought about a theme, so something that could be used at the start of a series, or when a doctrine is particularly relevant in a passage.  But there’s only so much I can make, and other people have lots of better ideas and videos for illustrating things.  So, what I’m hoping this page will fill with is illustration ideas for particular passages and themes.  I will post up videos that I make in this section and what I think they’re intended for.  I’d love it if you help me by doing the same, and hopefully we’ll create a resource that we can all use.  So in your comment, please:

1. either embed the video (if copyright allows)

2. or provide a link to where we can see more about it (eg. an imdb page)

3. “Illustrating:” – Suggest what Bible passages/themes it illustrates (as many as relevant)

4. “How to use it:” – Give an example of how you’ve used it or will use it or what setting it would be good for

5. “Permission for use:” – Show what kind of permission is given for use of the video (Vimeo makes you choose a license when you upload, so this is really helpful for knowing if you can use it) and any cost involved (eg bluefishtv.com)

6. “Critique:” – Add some criticism: what do you like about it? what don’t you like about it?