Why is this here?

With the introduction of data-projectors and computers as almost standard features in our churches in the past 10 years, we are using video more and more.  It is accessible, easy, and engaging.  Our culture is soaked in it, and we respond intellectually and emotionally to it.  However, it is so easy and appealing to use that we often don’t even think to consider how our authorities ask that we use it.  As Christians, we love to live peaceful, godly lives that submit to our authorities, especially when it protects others.  I think copyright law holds the intention of protecting people – where a person’s work is credited its due.  We can tend to think that seeing credits at the end of a movie just means we need to credit other people when ever we use their material.  Rather, we need to be thinking in terms of permission, and this will be explored in the following posts.

An excellent document has been put together by FEVA Ministries concerning copyright issues and ministry (available online at http://www.feva.org/resources/ – well worth a read for anyone putting on movie nights, dealing with music, etc).  The detail that I’m trying to provide is particularly concerned with using media within videos that you make, and using other people’s videos (eg thinking through what you can use from Youtube).  I hope that we will get better at being submissive to our authorities and respecting the ownership of others over their creative work, as well as encourage us to be more creative in the way we make videos.  So please, read on!